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Meet Dr. Ferril

A new approach to medicine and healing for the whole family
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I have been busy with clinical practice for more than 35 years. I care for patients that travel from all over North America because they are tired of conventional approaches to medicine. I have substantial proven success in helping patients suffering from chronic disease. 

William B. Ferril, MD

A note from Dr. William B. Ferril

During the last decade, there has been a strong initiative by medical schools around the nation to integrate medical humanities into their curriculum. This movement seeks to train resilient medical students with holistic approaches that will better address the complexities of healing diverse patients.


However, when I was a medical student (once upon a time)  the methodology to health care was more along the lines of A + B = C when it came to patients (A) and their symptoms (B) must mean a prescribed treatment (C). In time, I saw both growing evidence that once size does not fit all when it comes to medicine, and looking at the person as a whole  - not just their symptoms or disease - yielded better outcomes.  This inspired me to inquire more, do more, and share more to help others. 

A major turning point in my learning, and my life, was meeting a kind and pretty chiropractor named Brenda who simply used her hands and knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy to cure complaints. My world was rocked on its medical underpinnings. Thinking outside the box was the next logical step so began to work alongside naturopaths, other chiropractors, acupuncturists, and homeopaths. Each of their various educational perspectives provided me with additional insight into how the human body can heal itself given the right set of circumstances. This is where I am today and continue to practice this more holistic approach to medicine. I am always amazed by what the body can do on its own.  And I would like to share this knowledge with you. 

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Dr. Ferril strives to address the underlying causes of health care issues and not just the symptoms. He remains loyal to prevention as he and his patients address not only how to get well from their health issues, but how to stay well while minimizing drugs and harmful procedures. Dr. Ferril treats each patient as an individual person.

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Midway into his medical career, Dr. Ferril invested five years to study forgotten truths about how the body heals. Over the past 15 years in his practice, Dr. Ferril has put this knowledge to use and has enjoyed watching his patients' health improve using these complementary methods of holistic medicine.

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