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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

Start your journey to wellness now.

The phrase "knowledge is power" is well known. However, it may be better said that knowledge is potential power. Without the motivation or ability to apply it – for whatever reason – it is useless. Begin your journey to wellness now with information and learning. Select the article that pertains to your ailment or buy the whole lot in Dr. Ferril's book, The Unseen Hand.

Dr. Ferril has written a collection of the most commonly asked questions in his practice and encourages you to take some learning  –  and power  –  into your own hands.  Please consider reading the respective articles related to your situation prior to your consultation with Dr. Ferril as it will give you advance information about treatment recommendations and make your first consultation much more productive. 

The articles may also provide your own local doctor with enough guidance to handle your care at home and save you the expense of a consultation and travel time.

If you have questions about which articles pertain to your situation, please call Dr. Ferril's office to inquire further. All articles are downloadable PDF files that we will send to your email address.  The cost of each article is $10. 


The Unseen Hand

written by William B. Ferril, MD


The Unseen Hand is a book addressing seven molecular mechanisms that promote aging and disease. Ways of preventing/reversing aging and disease are discussed at length. Dietary consequences and alternatives for promoting good health, and the cause and prevention of most commonly diagnosed disease of the modern day. Explanations of past treatments to diseases and why the modern-day physicians do not implement them in practice today. References to healthy prescribing, and the science behind natural remedies and hormone replacements. 

Buy a copy for your family today and another copy for a friend. 

Your body and mind will thank you!

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