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Please read these frequently asked questions before you book an appointment with Dr. Ferril.

Do you accept medical insurance?

No, we do not accept medical insurance. Payment is due at time of service. However, Dr. Ferril's staff will gladly provide each patient with a detailed outline of services, codes and billing information (we call this a superbill) that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Does Dr. Ferril sell or endorse a certain brand of vitamins?

No, we do not promote any specific vitamin company.

Does Dr. Ferril prescribe pharmaceutical medication?

Yes, Dr. Ferril does prescribe pharmaceutical medication as necessary and bioidentical hormones.

What type of appointments does Dr. Ferril book for patients?

Dr. Ferril offers in-person medical visits (please inquire more about this during the Covid19 pandemic) and also telehealth phone apointments. Unfortunately, he does not offer Zoom nor any other live video chat option at this time.

Can I have my blood drawn in Dr. Ferril's office?

No. You must have any blood test done separately at a lab, local to you. Dr. Ferril's office will receive the blood results directly from the lab that performs the testing. Dr. Ferril will review the test results with each patient during a scheduled appointment thereafter.


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